What information will I need to have available in order to complete the application?

In addition to personal and company demographic information, YPO asks that you provide:

  • the number of full-time employees under your direct responsibility
  • the amount of those employees’ annual compensation, excluding yourself
  • The annual gross sales/turnover for your company’s last fiscal year. We cannot accept projected revenue amounts. (The revenue listed should be representative of the revenue amount under your direct responsibility.)
  • The name and contact information of an external auditor (for third-party certification)
  • A brief description of your business
  • Optional information regarding your family, if applicable (i.e. spouse or partner’s name, gender, email and date of birth, and your children’s names, genders and dates of birth)
  • Later in the process a copy of your government-issued identification (e.g. passport, driver’s license or any other government-issued ID ) will be requested for age verification

If I cannot divulge my company’s financial information, how can I apply?

In order to qualify for membership, your company must meet the minimum membership criteria for payroll and revenue. It is not necessary to give the exact payroll or revenue amount, but you do need to state that your company meets the minimum criteria.

For example, if using the sales/service revenue criteria, the gross annual sales revenue minimum is currently set at USD12 million. If your company is at or above that number, you can simply state the USD12 million rather than your actual revenues. The same can be done for the criteria for a financial institution or agency-type business or if using enterprise value to qualify.

What is YPO’s definition of a financial institution?

A financial institution is defined as a bank or credit union. Businesses such as asset management firms and financial advisors are defined as financial services and should list the amount of revenue received from managing their client’s assets.

I have a concern about the confidentiality of the information I am providing. Can you speak to this?

YPO will keep all applicant company information strictly confidential. The chapter chair, chapter membership officer and chapter administrator have access to the application but the information is not shared with any other members of the chapter. The Membership team shall not disclose this information without obtaining the applicant’s prior written consent to anyone other than the officers named above.

If I have applied to YPO previously, can I submit another membership application?

In order to re-apply for membership, please contact YPO  via email at lisa@ypopalmbeach.org and a membership development manager will assist you. You will not be able to complete the online application as our system will not allow duplicate records.

If I am a family member of a YPO or WPO member, can I complete a membership application online?

Please contact YPO at +1 800 773 7976 or via email at lisa@ypopalmbeach.org Because you are related to a member (current or former), you will not be able to apply online as YPO already has a record for you in our database.

I was in the process of completing an online application but I received an error message. What should I do?

Please contact YPO via email at lisa@ypopalmbeach.org for assistance. Please do not try to enter the information again as you will receive another error message.

I completed an online application and need to update the information. How can I do this?

In order to update your application, you will need to contact YPO at +1 800 773 7976 or via email at lisa@ypopalmbeach.org

What is a third-party verification? Why is this necessary?

A third-party verification is required prior to joining YPO to authenticate that the applicant meets the quantitative membership criteria necessary for joining the organization.

The information verified is the applicant’s job title, the number of employees and the annual compensation of those employees and the company sales/turnover or the enterprise value of the qualifying company.

A third party is defined as the qualifying company’s CPA, chartered accountant, independent auditor or another external qualified source as approved by the YPO  International Board.

What is the cost to join YPO?

YPO membership dues are determined each year by the YPO International Board. Chapters typically have their own additional dues and fee structures as determined by each chapter’s executive committee.

For the current fiscal year (1 July – 30 June) the International dues are set at USD3,250 and are pro-rated on a monthly basis. There is also a one-time initiation fee equal to that of the full annual dues amount. Chapter dues are in addition to the amounts listed above and the amounts vary by chapter.

I am currently over the age of 45, can I join WPO rather than YPO?

You must first be a member of YPO in order to belong to WPO. The criteria for joining WPO is that you are at least 45 years of age and have been a YPO member in good standing for at least three years (excluding any grace period).

Who can I contact to find out the status of my application?

Please contact YPO via email at lisa@ypopalmbeach.org and a YPO membership development manager can assist you with the status of your application.